The Warrior Journey: Russell Brand & Jordan Peterson

When we are in flow, things seem to be effortless. The corners of our mouth gently turn upward. Our eyes sparkle. We bounce between a blanket of calm and butterflies dancing in our belly.

We are learning to trust ourselves, thus trusting those we allow in our presence.

Each person is exposed to Trauma. Trauma looks different for everyone. It’s an opportunity to look inward. The success of navigating this journey is being intentional with who has access to you. Your external world affects your internal world and vice versa. Both are influenced by one another in extraordinary ways.

The process to look inward is called the Warrior Journey.

Going through this journey is filled with countless plot twists. It’s dark before it’s light. It’s tears before it’s smiles. It’s confusion before it’s clarity… It’s lumpy. It’s aggressive. It’s a journey to break yourself apart, if anything, to allow your light to shine bright.

For me, this interview was fascinating. A Warrior Journey from multiple perspectives, Jordan is more of an academic and Russell is spiritual, both adding their personal anecdotes.

Can academic and spiritual perspectives actually meet in the middle? Can common ground be reached?

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