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Getting the juices flowing. I’ve just secured a new gig… I’m going to be a weekly contributor to a very VERY very important non-profit! I’m over the moon excited. It’s going to allow me to stay in the recovery space in a productive way. Rather than blabber on about things happening in my world, I get to help others share their story. Or more broadly, share more formalised blog-style snippets of various stages of domestic violence (and recovery). I’ve not been given writing assignments in quite some time. This will be a challenge that I’m embracing with an open heart.

Spit-firing ideas to get my juices flowing. Let me know if you want to hear about anything specific…

  • Skills learned through domestic violence
  • Benefits of breaking the silence
  • What to expect when sh*t hits the fan
  • Are police really equipped to help
  • When the walls start caving in
  • Self care 30-day challenge
  • Redefining family
  • The Universe thinks I’m a badass; I need a nap
  • Can I just be an adult next week
  • Plot Twists & Curve Balls
  • Recovery: falling in love with calm
  • Fleas, Flying Monkeys & Surveillance Cameras

I think I’m a professional at titles. I fondly remember doing 6 word stories to get comfortable with being vulnerable. Vulnerability has not always been a safe place. Sharing what scares me resulted in predators trying to harm me. Sharing what I love resulted in predators trying to destroy things that brought me joy. Sharing the identities of my inner circle resulted in learning truth on who is living in their integrity.

Historically, my perfectionist side has attracted some pretty unhealthy people. My humble side makes them think I’m incompetent. My previous low self-esteem allowed them into my space. Once they recognised my inner strength, they sought to destroy. Sharing snippets of the knuckleheads I used to entertain was healing. If anything to hold myself accountable for growth. It never seemed toxic when I kept quiet. I was far too busy making excuses for unethical behaviour. It was only once I started writing things down that I began to see the flaws in my own character. No more are the days where I make excuses for others. And this new gig is going to take my continued healing (growth) to another level!!!

I’m super excited about this upcoming chapter!

Health spot check (Nov 2017): words to build. words to break.

The journey continues…

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