Birthdays, holidays and essentially anything that brings joy to your world are the first areas of target for unconscious people to cause harm. For me, when someone is trying to harm me, they attempt to disrupt my birthday, holidays, food, puppies or sleep. To be fair, most things excite me so it can be a challenge to disrupt me. For the most part, I’m able to remind myself that unconscious people are just adults with the emotional capacity of a 10 year old. Seems judgemental but it’s simply an inconvenient truth. Emotionally balanced people do not try to harm others. Ever.

Acknowledging this inconvenient truth whilst not obsessing (or manifesting) can sometimes be a challenge. Sometimes I get upset about the injustice. Sometimes my ego takes over and I’m tempted to clap back. I’ve found that jumping offline and into the real world to be tremendously balancing. Making sure that I’m getting enough sleep, deep breathing and of course paying attention to cravings. My body craves certain things when it’s adjusting or dealing with certain emotions.

Last week, I turned 25… with 11 years of experience. The actual day was relatively peaceful. There were a few waves but nothing unexpected. Beautiful opportunities to practice detachment. Beautiful opportunities to practice self love. Beautiful opportunities to quantify my personal growth through trauma.

Picking up a new group fitness class. Detach.

My mother called. Detach.

A dear friend on a road trip took me for dinner. Detach.

My inner circle held space for me. Detach.

A client offered me a birthday gift. Detach.

A new client requested additional services. Detach.

My housemates allowed me a front row seat to their processing. Detach.

Reflecting on the week, 2 nights of active dreams. Souls connecting in the spiritual world. Profound messages. Strong connections. Detach.

Detach and observe. Not the same as dissociate. Detach. Detach from the desire of a specific outcome. Being ok with whatever needs to happen. Accepting all truths that are shared. Not feeling any sort of way. Accepting what is. Meeting everyone where they are. Having extreme compassion and reminding myself that everyone is doing the best they can. Reminding myself to encompass my higher self (and speak to the higher self of others) as much as possible. When feeling the need to defend myself, speak softly to my heart with “I’m with you. It’s ok. We are ok. Everything is ok. Breathe.” Connecting with my Guardian Angels and simply smiling. Knowing without question that I’m surrounded by love because I am love.

Technology can be a powerful tool whilst also being a super highway for a rabbit hole of self-destruction.

Below is a video I created. A few minutes after an emotional release. A release that was needed to hold space for my higher self. A beautiful moment. Honouring where I am and how far I have come. Acknowledging that I’ve done a lot of work. A lot. There is still work to be done.

Birthday Message on LinkedIn

I’m exactly where I am supposed to be.

The journey continues…


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