Slay the Dragon. Smell the Flowers.

My life is all about setting and crushing goals. And then every once in a while sharing that journey with the world.

🌱 Climbing international corporate ladders was a 6 year process.

🌱 Owning my own company was a 2 year process.

🌱 Ironman finish line was 1 year process.

🌱 Domestic violence (recovery)… I’m officially quantifying it as a 2 year process.

Tomorrow is my big ‘race day’ or when I get to ‘cross my finish line’. Tomorrow is my big test of observing my emotional mind but allowing my rational mind to take the lead. Tomorrow is the big test of using any and all emotions as fuel for my class, not to disassociate will be important. Tomorrow is the moment I have been building towards.

My name is Jessica Marie Corvo. Chicago is ground zero for my story of domestic violence. Chicago was a place of extreme pain, isolation and suffering in silence. Chicago used to cause great disharmony within. Tomorrow is the day I officially reframe how I view CHICAGO. Chicago is now a place that I call home, a place where I’ve worked extremely hard to find (build) a community of *empowered* love bugs. Chicago is the city where I launch my group fitness career. And tomorrow is day 1 of celebrating all the work that I’ve done.

I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be. I’ve slayed my demons. I’ve loved myself so hard. I allowed conflict for growth and I tried so hard to choose me every.single.time.

I know I’m in a healthy space because last night, someone tried to threaten me. They attempted to pull me into their storm. They were the perfect test for me to build confidence for tomorrow. Baby vampires can be useful. I could see clearly what was happening. My hope is to have the same grounded response to unhealthy people tomorrow. In the event my family shows up, my hope is my heart will embrace them and allow them into my class. They are still in my heart. They are not allowed in my world but at least I will be at peace to allow them into my class. Unaffected.

Here’s to fighting battles people do not understand and crossing yet another finish line.

I’m so ready for race day. Cough cough, my first class!

With a heart filled with love. ❤️

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Health Coach. Mental Wellness Advocate. Ironman. Global Nomad. Warrior of Love.

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