A message from my heart to my head

Dear Jess!

I freaking LOVE LOVE LOVE you! I mean seriously, THANK YOU! I know it feels funny to put yourself first but you are crushing it! The last few weeks have offered wonderful opportunities to stay in the cycle or break the cycle (and stand in your integrity). You have levelled up to a point where unhealthy people simply do not know how to approach you. Some are even starting to fade away on their own. Some predators might come out to play but it’s part of this growth spurt… stay in your lane. You are in the fast lane. Time to stay focused. Connected to self. Detached to others. Detached to outcomes. Detached to expectations. Connected to self on every.single.level. North star is ITALY! Stay in your lane.

Take a moment to breathe. To acknowledge all the magic that is surrounding you and within you. I’m so proud of you. Jess, you really are something else.

Dog walking is expanding. You picked up a new client and one of your old clients booked another series of walks. Keep doing you Jess. Keep doing you.

Coaching practice is levelling up. You are 25% finished with your [new] coaching course! You took the necessary time away from technology for a reset and now hitting the ground running. Already with 3 new clients. Keep doing you Jess. Keep doing you.

Zumba is about to [formally] kick-off. First-class is just around the corner..! EKKK! You have already earned the respect of a co-creator and hosting a FitPro in October! You got this Jess. I know you are nervous! Get those butterflies to fly together! You are a PRO at starting over. Just another start. You got this! Keep doing you Jess. Keep doing you.

On the softer side, people from your previous years are surfacing. People forgiving you for being a runner. People holding space. People loving you and reminding you what it means to love yourself. Celebrate yourself. Honour yourself. These people are the angels that have always been there, cheering for you. Keep them in your heart. When things get overwhelming, remember these people are watching. You are finally in a season of accomplishing goals that others also celebrate with you.

It saddens me when you talk about a life storm and reference things that have happened to people in your family. I understand that it’s difficult to acknowledge certain truths on how things have affected us. It’s OK to not be OK. I’m strong, yet soft. I’m the biggest muscle in our body and have helped you move through incredible pain. You are starting to recognise when people are good vs when people are pulling you towards unhealthy habits. I’m so proud of you for protecting me so I can maintain my softness. When the world would understand me becoming hard, you have protected me from harm, with grace. With openness. But also a fierceness. One of the most magical things that make you, you is me. My softness is because of your fierceness.

Keep going, Jess. I’m so proud of you. I’m so proud of us. This is the best teamwork.

With love (and a side of magic),
Your heart

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