Dog walking is my favourite hustle

A dear friend once told me, ‘if you are good at something, never do it for free.’ Understanding the intention, I’ve struggled with this concept. In my world, it’s easy to be good at things. It’s just a matter of discipline, focus, and priorities… anyone can build a skill. If your why is strong enough anyways… one of my hustles is dog walking. I grew up with dogs. I play with other people’s dogs. I enjoy dogs (sometimes more than people). I started dogsitting when I was in high school. My first (paid) client was my Uncle. I stayed at his house for a long weekend. Walking the dogs, cooking and watching movies. I remember thinking that pet parents were different. One of the dogs had a very specific diet. Eggs and meat. My family dog was given dry food and table scraps but never specially prepared food. My grandfather, on the other hand, made feasts. I would often hear stories about how his dogs ate better than the family! Dog people are indeed funny! Dogs are a part of the family. Furbabies are babies. I get it.

Fast forward, I’m in my 30s. Some people say that I’ve lost the plot for walking away from lucrative corporate jobs. Other people laugh when I tell them my favourite part of the day is a lunch date with a puppy. Most people question my secret to success when I tell them my average stress level is 2 on a 10 point scale. I am currently building 5 hustles and my favourite is dog walking. All of my hustles are related to wellness, personal wellness or inspiring wellness.

Dog walking is for my wellness. I LOVE LOVE LOVE having adventures with animals. Here is an example of a dog walking report card. If you live in Chicago and need a walker, call me. I’m starting to build a reputation as a dog whisperer. hahahaha #Goals. My report cards are typically in the voice of the dog. If you have specific training needs, I’m happy to support. Report cards come with 3 pictures, one at the start, middle and end of our adventure.

REPORT CARD: (voice of dog) hey dad! I Really like mom being home! When Jess arrives they laugh a lot! Jess and I headed to the 606 today! I was so happy to run up the walkway! I jumped in all the plants! I’m getting faster … or Jess stopped dogging it (she claims to be a runner). We zoomed up the hill! 😂 we saw 3 police officers that called me handsome, I tried to sniff their butt. We also saw some new dogs. I didn’t like them so I barked and my fur went up. Jess wouldn’t let me greet them. She kept saying I have to be less scary to have friends! Is my bark scary?! I only had a little poop but I peed on everything! Everything! It’s all mine! 😈😂. Jess gave me a half cup of food and fresh water. Lots of cuddles too! I gave her a big hug before she said it was ok to jump! 👀😇. Thanks! Walk: 48min. Visit: 52min.

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