Dear Kindred Soul

Dear Kindred Soul,

Thank you for being…

The Universe is starting to present me with kindred souls. Or perhaps my heart is finally clear enough to embrace the souls that I need, not want but need. I still have the occasional sidestep of chasing the souls of a previous life (familiar souls), the cortisol addiction is not easy to break. As much as I hate the merry go round or the extreme ups and downs… this is one cycle that is VERY difficult to walk away from. In my heart, the feeling of the unknown is still attractive. A hunter by design, I am shifting from convincing others to attracting others. My biggest goal is to continue to love myself so hard that I attract someone that takes care of their wellness whilst loving me through all seasons.

I’m in the midst of another wave. Suitors that feel I’m balanced enough to express themselves. People that have been patiently waiting for my green light. People that have held space for me to come to terms with all my pain. Is my heart healed? Others that bring out sides of me that I’ve kept in secret compartments. Hidden from the world. It feels safe to be imperfectly perfect. It feels good when you look at me like a piece of art. I LOVE LOVE LOVE when you let out a sigh of relief because you are honouring me putting the pieces of my heart back together. I don’t need anyone to fix me, I’m doing that on my own. What I desire is someone to just be patient with me. To highlight my quirks. I’m trying so very hard to love my quirks. Especially right now.

When I start to list my accomplishments, it’s not my ego. It’s my desire to be seen. It’s me feeling invisible and having a sidestep of trying to take up space. Be the magical unicorn that I know I am but sometimes forget.

When my nostrils flair, I’ve missed a threshold and my volcano is about to erupt. Me withdrawing into myself is a survival behaviour. So Earth Angel, thank you. Thank you for keeping me in your prayers. Thank you for standing at the finish line. Thank you for reminding me to breathe. Thank you for demonstrating patience… allowing me to chase you whilst reminding me of your presence. Thank you for knowing that I’m my biggest critic and I will always loop back with an apology or some baked goods when I’ve accidentally hurt you. Thank you for loving my lumpy bits… the biggest one is finding that balance of remaining vulnerable and respecting my boundaries so they don’t turn into walls.

I’m back to seeing souls. The softest souls are my favourite. The ones I need for this next season. A season of extreme magic. Each season gets more magical than the previous one… and I’m so grateful that our paths are converging once again.

So dear kindred soul. Thank you for simply being you. And loving me as me. Not the perfect version but the imperfect version… the fiery heart with pretty brown eyes. The one that can make you believe that magic does exist… Thank you for holding space for this version of me to come out and play… because it’s my favourite imperfect perfect version… It’s the version that galavanted around the world spreading light and love to anyone that crossed my path…

With love, so much love,


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