Buckets of Rain and Soul Connections

As I continue to do things that are good for my soul, I’m presented with people in alignment with my heart. A few days ago, I was driving across the USA. There was a massive thunderstorm. Admittedly, I think it was one of my manifestations. A short while before, I was thinking that I should get the rental car washed but I also didn’t think that I would be able to scrub off all the dead, dried bugs. So I was searching for a solution. And sure enough, the Universe helped me out. The doors to heaven opened up. And the water came down in buckets. The bugs were successfully removed from the windshield and front of the car. This is magic. Pure freaking magic.

I ended up at a gas station. Still in my dancing through the world vibe. Honouring that the world is magical. Still laughing at the rain and the unbelievable power within. I’m in Jess World. A kindred soul sparks a conversation. Nice mix of meathead and curiosity. Slightly troubled but not trying to throw garbage at others. Simple. Guarded. Sincere. I would have been just as happy with a fly by conversation, When I travel, I meet some of the most magical people. Fact. I’m in a bubble and often end up connecting with others also in a bubble. Love. Magic. Soul searching. You name it, kindred souls in their own bubbles. Appreciating where they are whilst looking for something more. An internal battle that is not for the faint.

Allowing this interaction to marinate, I’m reminded that there are people in the world that view everything as being magic. They are also people that view nothing as being magic. I like to think that I’m one that is constantly believing in magic. For a few years, I was surrounded by people that didn’t believe in anything. Being lazy about my surroundings and influences, caused great pain, disharmony, and a phenomenal amount of growth. Growth is super uncomfortable. SUPER. UNCOMFORTABLE. One of my favourite places… is a state of growth. The last few years have been emotional growth. Being a believer that sore muscles are simple muscles ripping apart to grow stronger. Being a believer that headaches are simply the mind-expanding and trying to figure something out. It took me longer than expected to understand that tears are how the soul heals. Tears = growth. For the longest time, I was conditioned to believe that tears were a sign of weakness. But it’s crystal clear. Laughter is the soul having an orgasm and tears are the soul healing. How freaking magical is that? Self-care for the win! All of that after a simple conversation with a kindred soul.

Sometimes it’s not magic, but simple science… our physical body does not always recognise one another but our souls do. Our soul is always on the lookout. Connecting with self. Searching for others. Connecting with self. Searching for others.

The best part, for the last few weeks, I’ve been telling others that I think I’m hilarious. Mostly an attempt to convince me of my absolute goofiness … and here is the presence of a kindred soul that enjoys the little things. Things that I had been taking for granted. The wrinkle in my nose when something is too funny. The idea of being someone’s Sunday morning rather than a Saturday night… but expanding it to being someone’s Monday. How beautiful. Walking through someone’s mind. Understanding their way of thinking. Magical people bring out the magic in others.

And I’m reminded of a comment said a few days ago from another soft soul. “Jess, why are you single?” My response, “I’m not available to others unless they can match my hustle and love as hard. The world is filled with half-assed people and I love myself enough to only invest in full-assed people. Life is simple like that.”

Everything is coming together. The dots are connecting. I’m exactly where I’m meant to be. The Universe continues to be super chatty… reinforcing all the magic that is both within and the magic that continues to surround me.

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