The culprit(s): Biological Brother’s friend (Monkey 1) & elder brother (Monkey 2)

Example: A flying monkey is basically someone that carries out abuse on behalf of someone else. The abuser in this situation is my biological brother. Since we are estranged, he manipulates others to carry out his dirty work. It’s sophisticated warfare. Most of the time, flying monkeys do not know they are an extension of an abuser. Sometimes they are fully aware and enjoy causing trouble. This is an interesting example because of the great lengths my biological brother has gone to in order to maintain the perfect image of the Corvo family. I questioned Monkey 1’s intentions immediately as he is directly connected to someone causing me harm. He disarmed me by insisting that friendships in the spiritual space are held in higher esteem than the physical world (‘energy trumps everything’). He also disarmed me by insisting that he respects that friendships will not overlap, he will mind space between me & my biological brother. Ignoring my intuition, I allowed conversations about energy (mainly reiki) to continue. A month later, he sent me a dysfunctional challenge to send birthday wishes to someone who was actively causing me harm.

Yesterday, Monkey 2 contacted me, offering that he was talking to Monkey 1 [about me]. Monkey 2 wanted to know why I deleted him from social media. He made a few comments as an attempt to bait me into an argument. My responses are called grey rock (literally be as interesting as a grey rock). To make my intentions completely known, I messaged Monkey 1 reminding him that he is NOT allowed into my space. (Monkey 1 is irresponsible and very dangerous. If he is using his spiritual power correctly, why is he causing disharmony among others? If he was using his spiritual power correctly, then why is my name still falling off his lips (good or bad)? If he is using his spiritual powers correctly then why is he surrounded by people projecting fear/hate/aggression? He caused disharmony in my physical world and has tried tapping into my spiritual space shortly after receiving the message. He’s also been trying to reach me this morning. He is the worst kind of flying monkey. He carries out abuse with great awareness, ease, and entertainment. He takes great pride in causing harm to others. He enjoys the element of control. I would go as far to voice that he is a practitioner of black magic – it seems he derives his energy by causing disharmony between others. Very naughty. Very irresponsible. Very dysfunctional).

I’m not sure why, nor do I care. I know neither have good intentions. It’s just a game. They are nothing more than teachers to me.

Boundary: Unnecessary and unsolicited drama. Don’t engage in drama. Observe emotions.

Consequence: 2 different situations.

Reaction (2016). I was not aware that I was being emotionally manipulated, I ignored my intuition and took the bait. Since my default is love and kindness, my biological brother is a brother before an abuser. I sent him a birthday message.

Response (2018). I am aware of the games people play. My personal life is treated just as my professional one. I do not allow emotions to cloud my intuition. I dismiss the bait and disengage.

Result: 2016 – I missed the lesson and was hurt. 2018 – I understood the lesson and now have content for my blog.

The Challenge: Reminder: There is NO NEUTRAL with people, it’s either people helping you or people hurting you.

The moment you question intentions, disengage. Send love and block the flying monkey from having access to you. If you have not learned to listen to your intuition, then ask yourself simple questions. Is this person connected to someone causing me harm? If yes, why is this person contacting me? What could this person want? Internal reflection, what is my exposure? Who benefits from engaging in this exchange? Monkey 1 pretended to be my friend then caused me harm (this is covert behaviour). Monkey 2 was more direct (this is bullying behaviour). The behaviour of others should not have an effect on you. If it does, then step back, breathe, and ask yourself if this is adding value to your world. Emotions cloud judgment. This is why Domestic Violence sucks. Abuse is carried out by people pretending to care. Abuse is carried out by people that know your history. Abuse is carried out by people that know how to hurt you.

For another lesson on psychological warfare, check out my post on TRIANGULATION.

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