To Serbia, with love

Dear Friend,

I’m not sure who you are but thank you for checking out my webpage. I feel blessed that you have made it a daily habit. I very much enjoy consistency! I am VERY curious as I’ve never met anyone, nor have I traveled to Serbia.

So thank you. Thank you for allowing my words reach parts of the world that I am only dreaming about. Thank you for popping up in my analytics and putting a smile on my face. Thank you for making me feel as if I’m easing your pain? or maybe just offering something entertaining? Either way, whatever the motives, I feel blessed to have your attention.

So until the Universe allows our paths to cross in the physical world, I’m super glad we found one another on the interwebs. Thank you! I’m blasting you lots of love. I hope that whatever is happening in your life, your heart is filled with love and your mind is as present as possible.

Thank you for your time. I’m humbled and tickled. Thank you!

with love,

#WhyIWrite #MentalWellness #JourneyToPeace #Gratitude #AllCornersOfTheWorld #BucketList #GlobalNomad #NewFriends #Serbia #USA #Connection

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