Letter of Gratitude: Mother Earth

Dear Mother Earth,

Thank you. You remind me of the beauty in the world each time that I step outside. With each time that my feet kiss the ground, you blast me with love. With each turn during a run, you give me something to admire. The colors of your flowers remind me of the diversity of the world. The changing of the seasons reminds me of impermanence. The laughing geese and barking dogs pull me back into the present moment.

Thank you.

Without fail, you continue to teach me about resilience and consistency. Trees stand tall after a storm. Flowers continue to bloom year after year. You are endless with your love to others asking very little in return.

Many times that I get lost in your beauty. On a challenging day, you seem to greet me with the most beautiful blue sky decorated with fluffy white clouds. On days that I need to ground outside, you tease me with some snowflakes then allow the sun to kiss my cheeks. I wish that I was more rational a few months ago because then, I would have realised the true gift that you were trying to offer, a giant ice bath. I was so caught up missing the tropical island that I completely missed out on the gifts that you were offering me. Far second substitute, I use frozen corn to ice my appendages after a long workout. I understand that you were offering me much more.

So thank you. Thank you for reminding me of the beauty in the world. Thank you for surrounding me with love. Thank you for being an example of give mode. Thank you for having patience whilst I stubbornly work through this current chapter. You have been a trusted friend for quite some time and I should have never questioned your good will towards me. Thank you for offering what I needed, perhaps not what I wanted but you knew exactly what I needed.

I feel honoured that you offered me just the perfect mix of sun, warmth, and laughter to push me through today’s run. My soul needed to be outdoors. You knew this and without fail, you provided exactly what I needed.

Thank you for being abundant.

With love,


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