Letter of Gratitude: Jax​

Dear Jax,

So much love in such a tiny body. Sometimes I feel completely disconnected to the world and then there are times that you reel me back into Jess world. You remind me of the magic!

I’ve really been thinking about how happiness is connected to a short memory. Being a puppy, I thought that you were a manifestation of this concept. But I was wrong. Society was wrong. It’s not a matter of having a short memory, it’s a matter of holding onto the good and letting go of the bad. Selective memory.

You always remember what chicken tastes like. You remember when I stand up, there is a 75% chance that I’m headed into the kitchen. You remember where to sit to ensure the last bite. You remember what time I go to bed and you race me to my bedroom. You even remember what to do to encourage the nothing-else-is-more-important-than-this-current-moment-put-down-your-phone-and-rub-my-belly (aka snuggles).

So thank you. Thank you for reminding me of the importance of focus. Having the life of a puppy dog (eat, sleep, play) is kind of a big deal. I’m pretty blessed to share your lifestyle and appreciate you helping me with emotional processing. I’m not sure I can get away with licking faces but I understand your meaning. I love how you can transition from snuggle bug to protector back to snuggle bug with great ease. There is ZERO hesitation to defend those you love (or perhaps it’s just to get a treat but I’ll stick with the protector aspect). You know when you need snuggles and when you need space. You steal socks when you want to play and anyone who dares visit your cul-de-sac should stop by for a hello. Chipmunks included. You are such a love bug and I’m grateful that you are showing me how to be gentle with myself by being larger than life. Your ability to hold up a mirror and show me that I AM LOVE when I forget is such a beautiful talent.

And the best part, you are not just a puppy, you are my brother.

Thank you for being family.

Thank you for being unconditional.

Thank you for reminding me to be gentle and unapologetic.

With love and belly rubs,
Your sister

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