Letter of Gratitude: Love Bugs

Dear Love Bugs,

I know you are out there and I know that you have been trying your best to bite me.

I know that you think that I’m a Debbie Downer and I appreciate your presence. Your presence is noticed (I notice everything). Sincerely. At this stage in my journey, it’s important that you see me through the lens that I see myself. I know that my cup is filled with love. I know my cup is filled each time that I respond with compassion. As long as my struggle is to understand then my cup is still full. As long as I continue to give chances and create opportunities, my cup is still full. As long as I continue to see the person before the ailment, my cup is still full.

Yes, I’m processing a LOT of pain. I need to do this. I’m still managing to pull myself through the storm. Heck, sometimes I think that I am the storm. The days that I’m dancing is when I am the storm; I strive for more days of being the storm. There is an immense beauty to the tears shed. Tears are proof of the depth of my love. Continued sharing is proof of the bravery in my heart. And for that, my heart continues to win. It’s only when I stop talking, is when my mind takes over. When I stop talking, is when I gave up on learning. When I stop talking, is when the mind has won and I say that others are no longer worth the effort.

But today, I continue to let my heart lead. And since today is both Gratitude Wednesday AND Valentine’s Day, my letter is dedicated to all those love bugs out there that continue to bite.

Thank you for your subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) bites…

I would be nothing without your presence. I’ll try to swat less…

With love and awe,

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