Letter of Gratitude: Mommabear

Hey Mommabear,

Generally, I send out letters of gratitude but I’m testing out a new format and outlining the things I appreciate about you. You have been a superstar example of how to process emotions and embrace quirks. Below is a snapshot of things I appreciate about you! Thanks for being such an important role model for me!

I can always tell when something is bothering you. You try to hide it from me because you know that I’d do everything in my power to put a smile on your face. It doesn’t take me much convincing to just book a flight to some random beach in a secluded part of the world. I have a secret talent for going off-grid. You know this better than anyone else. Traveling will always be my preferred answer to any of life’s questions. [How badly I want to be a flight risk rather than process my pain. Ignore the million reasons to leave, focus on the ONE reason to stay has been a challenge].

Knowing this, you seem to try and conceal your emotions more than normal. I wish you didn’t because there is an immense beauty for all sides of you, especially the softer side. I love when the alarm goes off and you quietly celebrate because every day is basically Saturday. Time is just a suggestion. You get dressed every single day but interacting with people is always optional. Some days are spent in the garden. Others you are crawling under the covers. The world can be overwhelming – I need restarts too, it’s perfectly normal. I admire how you keep a diary of events and despite being a lady of leisure, you are booked out a month at any given moment.

I love how you snicker when people ask what you do all day. Your words are enjoying life but in your head you are screaming I PAID MY DUES. I’M RETIRED. I CAN DO ANYTHING I WANT! BUHAHAHAHAHA. You’ve embraced the title Lady Of Leisure with so much class. I’m so incredibly proud of you!

I admire your unwillingness to let certain people back into your space but you are so forgiving of others. Biggest pet peeve is crossing something out in the diary (I feel ya on that one). Biggest joy is using 500 spoons a day and sipping coffee from an unseasoned mug.

You have incredible value added to just about anyone that crosses your path. You can see it in the smiles of friends, neighbors, and strangers – you are very loved.

It’s been beautiful to watch you get lost in your own head. Despite your attempt to keep a poker face, it’s been an honour to watch you go through waves of emotions. You used to use words like “I don’t want to be a burden” or “I’m just being silly” and now you say “I just feel like crying” or “Can we just go home”. I love your ways of self-care. I agree that watching Dr Phil and Judge Judy make life seem less chaotic. There will always be a comfort in baking cookies and cleaning. I admire that you know how to process whatever you need to process.

I love how when something is really bothering you (and I’ve missed the cues), I can always taste it in your cooking. I worry about your health and I appreciate you taking small steps to be slightly healthier. I LOVE LOVE LOVE how there is always fruits in the house. AND that you peel your own garlic! And that you are aware of reducing processed foods.

Sometimes it takes me a few weeks to convince you to do something but I admire your continued willingness to try new things. I even love your experiments to make sure that you are still a cougar. You have one of the best smiles in the world. You also have the biggest heart. Why wouldn’t gentlemen try to get onto your dance card?!

Being gentle with myself is not easy. I think I’ve been conditioned to suppress my emotions so showing anything other than pissing rainbows is kind of awkward. Thank you for being an example of how to be human without being called crazypants.

I admire your insistence that no one’s opinion matters, whilst being a people pleaser. There are so many things to celebrate about you! I think it’s time to put on the blue suede butt-kicking boots and hit the road. I prefer sundresses and boots to snow…

I love you, mommabear. I’m so proud of you!

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