Letter of Gratitude: NVW Coach

Dear Coach,

It was about a year ago that I was introduced to the New Ventures West coaching programme. I was actively building my network and had reached out to a college alumn for advice. Based on our conversation, she recommended that I check the New Ventures West. Integral coaching was new, and I appreciated the seed that was planted.

I was accepted into the one-year programme but I wasn’t ready to go forward. I only wanted to dip my toes in the water. I was invited to be the subject for your last exam [in Singapore]. We had a short conversation about me and then we parted ways. Our next interaction was in front of your entire class (and teachers) so they could grade your coaching abilities.

You had the ability to understand the words that I never spoke. The word you used to describe me created this huge emotional wave of tears. The more I tried to stop the tears, the more they wanted to come out. I was frustrated because I didn’t understand how you were able to get to my core. And so easily. All you did was call me BRAVE. I was embarrassed because crying in public [in my world] defines weakness. I associated strength with bravery… therefore I was not being brave.

Rather than obsess about your words, I just accepted it as a new experience and went on my way.

Fast forward, 2017 has been quite the emotional rollercoaster. I’ve reached new depths from within and accepted new truths. I [now] understand the reason why I had such a huge reaction to your word. Brave. When we met, I didn’t feel brave. I didn’t feel that I was doing anything worth talking about. My exterior was thriving but my insides were barely keeping it together. There was nothing brave about me. I felt the exact opposite, I felt like a coward.

So this letter is one of appreciation. You had a huge impact on me before I understood what was happening. Thank you for seeing me, the real me. Thank you for planting a seed of greatness. Thank you for speaking to my soul. Thank you for being one that inspired continued growth. Thank you for calling me brave.

Thank you for helping me see bravery within myself. Thank you for having a good soul.

With tremendous love and respect,
Jessica Corvo

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