Letter of Gratitude: Elaine

Dear Elaine (@twisted.word.tango),

Generally speaking, I’m the person people go to for the silver lining. I’m the one that makes the sun come out and teaches others how to use bricks to build a ridiculous fortress of AMAZING.

This last year, I needed that person. I spent a bit of time reaching out to others but my head and heart were so turned upside down that each time I reached out, it did more harm than good.

That left me no choice but to dig deep from within. Now was my time to shut out the world and work on me. Find my inner light. Heal me. Find something worth fighting for. But there was a problem, I felt like a burden. I was not value added. I kept causing troubles for everyone. I was the reason for someone’s anger. I was the reason for another’s failure. I was the catalyst for drama in a system that I wasn’t a part of.

And on a low day, you emerged. Your poetry can be dark but your presence was the bright light that I needed. Your comments on my Instagram posts were a reminder that I was winning the fight from within. I wasn’t a burden. I was relatable. I was helping others in various ways. I was inspiring. I was love.

So, thank you. From the bottom of my heart, thank YOU!

Thank you for being that light. Thank you for feeling my call for love. Thank you for blasting love in my direction. Thank you for being a loud presence. Thank you for being a familiar soul. Thank you for showing kindness to me, a complete stranger. Thank you for simply being you.

One of the things that I’ve really been working on is attracting the right energies. Be love, attract love. You emerged exactly when I needed a sparkle. You were exactly what I needed, a reminder of the good in humanity. A random act of kindness. An act of love.

Thank you for having such a beautiful soul.

With tremendous love,
Jess (@unveilthecrazy)

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