Letter of Gratitude: Bob

Dear Bob,

It’s been an absolute honour to know you this last year. I feel blessed to turn a neighbor into a friend… and extended family.

I’ve shared tidbits about my journey. You’ve seen me galavanting without a care or responsibility. You’ve seen me with the weight of the world on my shoulders. You’ve also seen me mending a broken heart. One thing that I haven’t shared, is the amount of love and admiration I have for my grandfathers. Historically, when life stopped making sense, I would pick up the phone and call one of my grandfathers. Most of the time, I didn’t even need to share my trouble. Talking to them or being in their presence, I instantly felt reassured that everything was going to somehow work itself out. Since their passing in 2009 and 2012, I’ve struggled to fill a void of male heroes. It wasn’t until this last year that our souls crossed paths that my heart was able to feel that familiar reassurance once again. Thank you for entering my life when I needed you most.

Thank you for being familiar. Thank you for being an amazing human being. Thank you for lovingly teasing everyone in the neighborhood. I enjoy how you try so hard to have the tough guy image but really you are the biggest teddybear in the world. Thank you for sharing enjoy your its-not-a-big-deal attitude wit the world.

During a healing chapter in my life, THANK YOU for easing my suffering. Thank you for allowing me to be my messy-authentic self. Thank you for adopting me as a part of The Family.

With tremendous love and respect,

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