Letter of Gratitude: Ali

Dear Ali,

One of my favorite places to meet people is the airport. Two things inevitably happen, I learn something new or I have my faith in humanity restored. Something about travelling that just brings out the best in people.

Within a few moments, we were able to find common ground: sharing a head shake at American Airlines charging for overhead baggage that basically equaled the cost of our flights! #LastMinuteDeals #Savage

We met when you were en-route to visit family and I was escaping the cold for a cheeky hiking trip in the desert! Both things to make the heart beat a bit harder!

I thought that you were just escaping Chiberia but it was very sweet to see you back at the airport with both your mommabear and sister. It seemed as though you went to Phoenix just to escort your family up north. That’s super sweet! It warmed my heart to see because I had been doing the same thing for my mommabear. I remember her first visit to Singapore, she was VERY nervous about flying. I flew home for Christmas & New Years and then we flew to Singapore together. It’s a special (and humbling) moment to see someone overcome a fear. Thank you for helping me recall that memory…

What you didn’t know is that I’m struggling with my adjustment back to the USA. I feel like a fish out of water (on a good day). I struggle to find the warm fuzzies because it seems like a majority of people are in take-mode. Sometimes I feel that the happier I am, the larger the target on my back to ‘piss on my parade’. Since being home, I’ve resolved to just hang out in my bubble. Needless to say, crossing your path was a big breath of fresh air!

Thank you for being kind. Thank you for looking after your mommabear. Thank you for having warmth in an otherwise cold airport. Thank you for reminding me of what’s important. Thank you for talking to strangers. Thank you for the hiking tips; I ended up on Granite Mountain in Prescott National Wilderness. Northern Arizona is gorgeous! I need to spend more time hiking in the desert!

Hope to cross your path again, perhaps on the trails at Starved Rock. Our waterfalls are something to marvel…

With light and love,


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