Schedules. Transition DO : BE. Structure.

Day 25. Freewriting. Thinking about schedules and structure. How are they related to wellness? How have they contributed to my wellbeing? Making that shift from DO MODE to BE MODE.

Generally speaking, my planning day is Monday. I have my planner in front of me and map out my entire week. Very rarely do I add people or events last minute. Everything is intentional. If people invited me out last minute, most of the time, I already had something in my planner so had to politely decline. I think that not being so readily available forced people to be mindful of my time. I’m not more important than anyone else but my time should be respected.

Friends used to make fun of me because I wasn’t always good at hanging out. In fact, even today, there are maybe 5 people that I’ll accept invitations to see without details of what will happen. “Jess, want to hang out?” “What did you have in mind?” “Oh I dunno, just hang…?” “Erm, I’m kind of busy. I’ll catch you another time…” “Sure, text me.” *radio silence*

It happens…more time than I care to admit. Of course, my next social media post is traveling or doing something ridiculous. Then my friend will try again but this time there are more specifics to the what, where, when, and how.

I’m bending my rule for today… Adding a last minute plan. I hope that I don’t regret bending a rule.

I get criticised for having too high of expectations of others. Last I checked I never ask for anything more than common courtesy and respect. So I cannot help but think that others assume that I hold them to the same standard I hold myself. Part is true that I [intentionall] hope that everyone has the same heart but I’m not delusional. I know that not everyone sets the same goals. To each is own.


“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it’s time to reform.” – Mark Twain’s words have been echoing for a few days…


Thanksgiving is always a nice time to reflect who sat at the table, who should be sitting at the table, and who should be removed. This year was a spent enjoying making every single dish. Everything made with love. Not thinking about who should or shouldn’t be at the table. Just being in the moment and making everything with love. Setting an extra spot just in case someone pops by. Just like early days… So many friends from my previous life had a place to sit at my parent’s table. The door was always open and an extra seat always set.

I’m grateful to be surrounded by such generous hearts.

Today I get to spend the morning at the home of a Saint. An Angel on Earth. One of my biggest well wishers and brightest lights. May her soul rest in peace. She is dearly missed… but never forgotten.

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