Perfectly flawed. Slightly intolerant. Hopelessly optimistic.

I interrupt my regular rambles for an intentional (and slightly thought out) post. I’m writing mid day. I’ve just had a day of exercising some brain muscles that were a bit dusty. Communications strategy for a Foundation. Took a bit longer than previous projects but still faster than I expected! (Humble bragging is part of my healing journey. I’m all about experiences but living with a covert narc [even short term] is not one I’d recommend to my worst enemy. Pure chaos. Nuff said). Focus. I still haven’t lost my marbles and I’m pleased to see I’m nearly back to normal super achieving Jess status! I’m messing with my diet as eating clean is basically impossible in the USA. Even the ‘clean fruits/vegs’ have me feeling the same as eating a bag of cheetos. I miss produce that spoils after 2 days… sincerely! That alone is enough to motivate me to turn a home into a greenhouse or just say the heck with it and move back to a tropical island off grid somewhere…

I will not be defeated.

Today is a special day. Yesterday was World Kindness day and tomorrow is International Suicide Survivor Day. Don’t believe me, read this. And today, I was blessed with Facebook’s time hop to check my mental stability on the same day… for multiple years. So without further delay here are my updates.

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