Getting Comfortable with being Uncomfortable

I think I missed my calling as professional goofball! I started my public speaking journey by visiting various ToastMasters groups in Singapore. This was one of my first table talks. I flung myself into the deep end…

The challenge was to be a Pokemon character. I didn’t understand Pokemon so I opted to make up my own character – ‘Jess the Unicorn.’ I danced around telling the players I would get them in shape, I’m very rare, and even put my hand on my head for a makeshift horn whilst singing ‘neener-neener-neener! You can’t catch me!’

I panicked. It was entertaining rather than useful – I give credit to the butterflies in my belly. So many eyeballs… It was my first time.

Gutted I broke the timing rule. After all that dancing, I swear I was up there at least 2 minutes but it was only 28secs! 28secs?!?! A few new friends said they wished I was up there longer, Madam Toastmaster said she loved my animation and could really help people on project 5 (mastering gestures)! The guy after me referred to himself as Unicorn rather than Pokemon! I think that means I at least made a memorable first impression?

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Published by Jessica Corvo

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