Fine Tuning a New Skillset…public speaking

A month into my public speaking journey and I started winning awards… I was runner-up for table talks at Toastmasters Club Singapore.

The Challenge: Debate style. Positives and Negatives of having a direct boss. I had to argue the positives.

“I associate directness with trust. The priority is to build trust. How do you build trust? By consistently solving problems. Solving problems is easy when people tell you what they want. Direct, no fluff, just directness. Now that you know what your boss wants, make their life as simple as possible. Anticipate additional issues and proactively solve. Be the grease in the machine. Add value. Continuously simplify. Remember the biggest value added is to make sure that everyone on the team has working knowledge of each other’s responsibilities so beats don’t get skipped when someone falls ill.

I associate directness with trust. Direct bosses make life easy. Less guesswork. Increased productivity. Managed expectations. Harmony between the team. Constructively critical feedback. AND the best consequence of being a trusted problem solver, you eventually put yourself in a position where it doesn’t matter where you are physically sitting as long as the work gets done. My favorite office is usually poolside on a tropical island. Takes time to get there… Direct bosses are the BEST… Thank you!”

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