Letter of Gratitude: Alex

Dear Alex,

Every week I send out a letter of gratitude! My letters are to people who have helped me grow in some way, physically, mentally or spiritually. As I reflect on my journey to Ironman, I don’t think that I have properly thanked you.

We met at WCR and you were the one to bring me into the Newbie Tri Group. I say this with sincerity when I say that I might not have completed my race with such finesse without the support of my Newbie friends. Gaining comfort in the open water was imperative to the success of my race! It was your gentle nudging that helped me overcome that obstacle. Thank you.

Thank you for being supportive. Thank you for keeping training light hearted. Thank you for always greeting challenges with a smile. Thank you for organising fun races. Thank you for being magical! Thank you for welcoming me to the tri family! This training group is exactly that to me, family. I have a number of people I train with but you guys are the only ones I make brownies for <3

Thanks for being an important part of my journey! I am forever grateful for your friendship!


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