Letter of Gratitude: Jeff

Dear Jeff,

Every week I send out a letter of gratitude to someone who has helped me grow in some way, emotionally, physically or spiritually. As my race nears, I started doing this practice on a more regular basis. Today my letter is dedicated to you.

Ironman has been a phenomenal rollercoaster ride! Sometimes I get competitive, sometimes I get overwhelmed and sometimes I just brush it off as another training day with new friends! hahaha. Mostly – I am over the moon excited for the big day and super blessed to be surrounded by amazing people (yourself included)! My mantra is to live life as if everything is an amazing adventure!

Thank you for believing in me (you seem to think very highly of my cycling skills). Thank you for helping with some of the logistics (checking my bike, riding part of the course, kit check-in etc). Thank you for easing my nerves (even though you say I have a calm approach – I’m like a duck – smooth swimming up top but working like mad underwater hahaha)! I have really enjoyed our time together and hope you know that I don’t allow just anyone to spend time with my mommabear and daddy-o (I get protective of them). I admire how you treat others, especially Hunter. He’s lucky to have you for a Dad! I admire your passion for cycling and positive outlook on life! Mostly, I admire your strength. You live life by your own terms AND with an open heart (not many can do this)!

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for showing me Texas hospitality. I look forward to an official date invitation once I cross the finish line.

Big hugs and smooches,

PS – I look forward to seeing you throughout the course on race day.


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