Letter of Gratitude: Erin

Dear Erin,

Each week, I send out a letter of gratitude to a well-wisher. I define a well-wisher as being someone who accepts me as I am today and pushes me to be a better version for tomorrow! I admire people like this and appreciate them inspiring me to level up physically, emotionally or mentally. This letter writing practice helps me stay mentally tough and forward moving. There is so much good in the world!

My decision to come back to the USA came with a big price tag, emotional family baggage. My experience is that super achievers are typically the scapegoat for average people. I keep telling myself that this makes the superhero cape all that more meaningful! *WINK* Maintaining harmony during turbulent times has been a challenge and more importantly, finding the lesson has been overwhelming.

I picked you for my weekly letter for a number of reasons. The biggest reason is that of your GRACE. I understand there are a number of setbacks in life. ‘The bigger you are, the harder you fall.’ From my perspective, you handle everything with the utmost CLASS, HUMILITY, and GRACE. I admire your ability to have a thick skin and a soft heart. Always.

I also admire your ability to treat yourself. Self-love is something that I struggle with. I have been putting my family first for so long that 2017 is the first year to set goals for myself. Self-love regimes have been sprinkled within my new personal goals – I’ve been taking notes from your PHENOMENAL shoe collection and FIERCE claws! *SWOON*

I admire your ability to be REFLECTIVE and MEANINGFUL. Typically I’m in DO MODE and 2017 has been about awareness, owning my shit and softening my edges (mainly focused on my temperament). I have been able to be more intentional about my thoughts and where I invest my energy. Your journey is one that I have been checking myself against for PURITY OF SOUL!

Thanks for being amazing and most importantly being a well-wisher. You might not always know but you inspire people by just being you. How AMAZING is that, BREATHING is giving people SOMEONE TO ADMIRE.

Thank you for allowing me to witness your journey. You are pretty SPECTACULAR! I’m also slightly obsessed with your tag #GangsterUnicorn

Big hugs, love, and positive vibes,


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