Letter of Gratitude: Ian

Dear Ian,

Have you ever noticed how there are certain people in your life that just wiggle their way into your heart? Sometimes you wish they would see you in a different light but you are just as happy to have them in your life? The ones who make you want to push a little bit more whilst also reminding you the importance of ‘smelling the flowers’?! The ones that start out with tips on investing in property and throw a curve ball with ATMs?! I’m always learning from you. I appreciate the fact you challenge my sometimes conventional thinking!

You are that person for me! I always look forward to hearing from you. I realise that our conversations usually highlight the best sides but then I remind myself that it’s not just the best sides, the unsaid words celebrate the hard work. It’s realising the hoops jumped through to get there. It’s the focus and determination that gives meaning to ‘work hard, play harder.’ Granted, sometimes I feel like I need to research things before talking to you!

I admire a lot of people but very few hold me to a higher standard than I already hold myself. Even fewer demand that I level up on a regular basis… Thank you for being that person in my life. Thank you for having the ability to call me out in a way that I don’t get my panties in a bunch. Thank you for laughing with me and fully understanding my magnetism to attract the special types of male suitors. The struggle is real. I’ve decided to just join a convent.

Thank you for being a Friend who asks for nothing more than my time. Thank you for leading with a heart center and being an overall amazing person!

I’m Super glad I ignored Bong so many years ago at Stormies. He said you were a questionable character. You’ve turned out to be my first and most treasured Friend since moving to Hong Kong!

From one hustler to another!



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