Letter of Gratitude: Vicky

Dear Vicky,

Every week I send out a letter of gratitude. My letters are to someone who has helped me grow emotionally, spiritually or physically. Today I dedicate my letter to you.

A lot of my time is spent networking and getting involved with new things. It’s taken me some time to align my interests and talents. My newest journey in public speaking has been very entertaining! Sometimes I struggle to find females that I admire. Sometimes I struggle to find females that actually empower others. In case no one has told you recently, I would like to thank you. Thank you for being such a positive and open soul. Thank you for giving straight shooting insights on various topics. Thank you for opening the doors to the world of public speaking.

I laughed when you first mentioned that I remind you of a younger you. I laugh as I take that as a huge compliment. I have been working on handling situations with grace and sometimes I fail but mostly I get it right.

Thank you for being both, a female to admire and one that empowers others.

With love,


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