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Building Block: SELF-TALK

The past few weeks, I’ve been doing exercises to label myself. I start the morning by saying “I am” then list a bunch of words that I feel describe me. Today’s exercise went something like this – I am a Daughter. Coach. Motivator. Inspirer. Practitioner. Athlete. Friend. Social media guru. Website creator. Doer. Writer. Blogger. Collaborator. I Empower.

The word that keeps surfacing is EMPOWER. Some people use the term Inspire and others use the term, Coach. I have been inspiring people for years. I have mentored many and I have always challenged the norm. To be honest, I’m well aware of my shortcomings and I play my strengths. I have ups and downs just like everyone. One thing I excel at is setting and crushing goals. The question I frequently ask myself is CAN I TEACH IT?

When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.

I guess I have successfully manifested this thought as last night, my teacher appeared! I had the opportunity to discuss with a well-respected coach/friend of mine. She was teaching me a new technique called TRE. (Let me know if interested and I’ll connect you to the PRO, Michelle Beck). Post session, I was able to share thoughts on my journey of being an Empowerer. I have a new round of clients and I have noticed some differences. My friend made a very valid point on the importance of the WHY. This is something that I know. Something that is in my bones. Something so natural to me. I’ve been practicing for YEARS. One of my hashtags for Ironman was #WhyITri. Am I effectively teaching this to others? Is this why I subconsciously decline certain clients but accept others for one-on-one coaching? Have I asked this to potential clients or do I just make assumptions? I ask lots of questions during the trial session but have I specifically drilled in on the WHY?

Even with the most well-thought-out plan, it’s important to seek outside counsel. Sometimes I get caught up in the doing that I forget to continue to deconstruct, deconstruct, deconstruct. Fantastic reminder. Very grateful! Even the coach needs a coach! 🙂

For the next few weeks, I will add I AM A STUDENT. I AM A THINKER. I ASK WHY.

Empowering tip: Be sure the labels you give yourself bring you closer to achieving your goals!

Call to action: What are your labels?

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