Letter of Gratitude: George

Georgie Porgie
Pudding and pie
I’m thrilled to be re-connected
And that’s no lie

Life is not colorful
When friends are a bore
That’s why I appreciate you
Even though you snore

It will be bittersweet
To meet the amazing Zoe
I’ll do my best so
She doesn’t say “no”

I need to somehow
Keep you in my life
I completely respect that
You will soon have a wife

But honestly Georgie Porgie
Thank you for being real
In case you didn’t know
You are kind of a big deal

You are very sweet
And I hope in 2015
We will once again
Have a chance to meet

***my poetry writing is a bit rusty but you get the idea… Hope it made you smile and brighten up your week. Thank you for coming back into my life. I’m grateful to have you as a friend!

Lots of love, always


Published by Jessica Corvo

Health Coach. Mental Wellness Advocate. Ironman. Global Nomad. Warrior of Love.