Letter of Gratitude: C

Dear C,

You were my high school sweetheart. You were my first real love…perhaps puppy love, but still worth writing an unpublished letter or note of gratitude.

I sincerely hope that we always remain friends. Despite your constant need to be a pervert, I admire your ability of never taking life so seriously. I remember laughing so hard with you. I appreciate the countless strawberry milkshakes (with an extra chocolate cookie) and you always singing to me. I am still a fan of Jack Johnson because of you.

I remember being so upset with you when you told me I couldn’t attend your wedding. I was thinking, ‘why on Earth is this boy marrying a girl who clearly doesn’t trust him? How am I a threat and why can’t I attend the wedding?!’ I remember laughing so hard when you tried to explain that she never thought she could fill my shoes because apparently your family still kept a picture of us from senior prom on your mantle. I miss your family and hope to always keep them in my life, whether or not you and I are on speaking terms. Gosh, you like to push my buttons…

I appreciate your friendship over the years. Sometimes it takes a former lover to understand the words that you cannot say. Just knowing that you are there gives me great comfort. Thanks for being a friend.


Pretty Lady


Published by Jessica Corvo

Health Coach. Mental Wellness Advocate. Ironman. Global Nomad. Warrior of Love.